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HIGHLIGHT : Indonesia Startup Insight 2017

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FOLLOWING up their last year’s huge success of Indonesia StartUp, Indonesia StartUp Insight 2017 is now held as the biggest Indonesia start up event in Singapore. It is a platform for startups, investors, enthusiasts or individuals looking for startup partner to gain exposure and network on Indonesia’s startup environment.

On the businesses’ point of view, Indonesia’s large population of over 250 million people is surely tantalizing to tap on. Moreover, the middle-affluent class’ purchasing power in Indonesia is set to rise strongly.

The event will be held from 2.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m. on 27th May 2017, Saturday, Ecoworld Gallery, 1st Martin Drive, Singapore.

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Ambassador of The Republic of Indonesia in Singapore

Anna Haotanto, CEO of New Savvy

Lana Duong, Venture Capitalist & Vice President of NSI Ventures Investors Team

Anton Ong, Founder & CEO Otilink Indonesia

Khairul Anshar, Co Founder of Hackathon Merdeka

Budi Harto, Partner – Business Manager Enterprise NVIDIA

Deny Rahardjo, Co Founder & CEO Kinerjapay

DR. Hari Sungkari, Deputy of Infrastructure Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy

Jeffrey Nah, Business Advisor & Venture Capitalist

Jeanny Haliman, Strategic Partner Manager at Google

Anya Adhyanta, Moderator (Innovation is Everywhere)


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